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Getting Your Learner’s Permit

In order for you to receive a learner’s permit you will need to complete the following steps:
Initially, all drivers must take and pass a driver education class, apply for a learners permit which must be held for six months (and you must be fifteen and a half to apply for one), learn driving skills while involved in a formal program as well as practicing with parents and then you can apply for a provisional license.

Driver education classes are required to be taught by a state-licensed driver’s education school, or must be taught in your high school. This portion of the training cannot be taught by parents, even if the student is home schooled. Basic requirements include thirty hours of instruction and may be done in a classroom or via an internet based course that meets the minimum requirements of California and you must pass this course. Once this step is completed, a certificate of completion of driver education will be mailed to you and you will then be able to sign up for behind the wheel driver training and apply for your learners permit.

For a learners permit, you are only authorized to drive as long as you are supervised by a licensed adult over the age of twenty five. You will first be required to make an appointment, fill out a driver’s license application (DL44) and have it signed by a parent or guardian, and have the following for the DMV the day of your appointment:

You should have a copy of the California Drivers Handbook as well as a copy of the handbook that was put together for parents and teen drivers to review together for information regarding your parents’ liabilities when you obtain your license.